Metal Gear Solid 4 models?

This is a requestion, but have any of the models from metal gear solid 4 been ripped? some of them are amazing, and would be fun to have. If someone can find a way to get at them, I can try to rig and port some of them.

Someone was able to once, but he was a cunt and never told anyone HOW, then disappeared.

maybe the patriots got him

there is an old snake model but it has bad phys and not so great looking

hopefully someone will try and port from mgs4 again i really like how the pmcs look

I have mgs4 in my pc. if someone would be able to tell me how to import its models, id be glad to import a bunch of models. but I cant find any info about how to do it.

because you can’t, or it is not well known how to. dingus.

that’s a custom model. not even close to how the real thing looks

I hope someday someone will find a way or atleast PMC porter will be back and say the truth.

I find it weird that xbox and Wii games seem easy to port but when you bring up PS3 games, people sound like your looking for a one-way ticket to Hell. Has anyone even tried putting time to porting games for the PS3?

I think that might actually be the model of Old Snake from Portable Ops Plus, if I’m not mistaken. Not a bad model, just not meant for the big screen.

It’s not.

It’s a custom model made for Unreal Tournament 3 a few years back.

Oh ok. my bad then.