Metal Gear Solid 4 - Sunny Emmerich


Looks great, nice work.

i still cant believe the original had an nsfw variant

He’s just lucky i didnt call him out on it in these uploads :v:

great work i love that image raiden face lol hes like kid i need my arm back wtf

What a cutie patootie.

Good stuff man.

You should’ve.

what the fuck?!

cunts are fucked

isn’t rayacroix a pedophile or something

apparently in this there’s a password locked “alternative” version.

guess what the password is? [sp] loli.[/sp]

Nice job! Looks like she came straight out of a PS3.

Ugh. I don’t think I want to know about a NSFW varient. Why though?!

Prolly just some asshat without moral boundaries addicted to r34… So my guess’d be that he has some bad mental problems.

I know, “no shit sherlock”.

why are they always so jokey about it. why’s it so normalized

it’s probably a defense mechanism

“if I think it’s normal it must be!”

After reading through his tumblr I don’t know what’s worse; the people who suggest shit to him or the fact that he openly considers the suggestions.

like this, wow is this gross

Ugh, I gonna need something stronger than bleach

Now that’s just fucking awful. I mean holy shit, I knew those people were disgusting, but I never would have expected those people to sink so low to the point of making nude children models.