Metal Gear Solid 4 Weapons[/t][t][/t][t][/t][T][/T][T][/T][T]

I was originally planning to include many more weapons, but due to my external HDD getting fried I cannot get any more files for now, so I might as well release what is already done and slap more stuff in later.

If you want to make these into sweps, please contact me first.


Stun Knife
Izhevsk Makarov PMM with mechanical bodygroups
Izhmash AK-102 with launcher and mechanical bodygroups
GP-30 Obuvka with mechanical bodygroups
40x53mm VOG-25 grenade
Barrett M82A2 with mechanical bodygroups
12.7x99mm NATO round

Izhevsk Makarov PMM

A variant of the venerable PM pistol developed in the 90s as a substitute for the old PM pistols. It was intended to solve the main issues with the PM pistol by using new, improved ammunition, better grips and a larger, 12-round magazine. However, Russian authorities rejected the pistol over the Yarigin PYa pistol, later known as the MP-443 Grach. The improved ammunition was not used either, due to fear of accidentally loading the new rounds into the old guns.

Name: Izhevsk Makarov PMM

Manufacturer: Izhevsk
Class: semi-automatic pistol
Caliber: 9x18mm PMM
Action: semi-automatic
Ammunition type: detachable box magazine
Ammunition capacity: 12-round detachable box magazine
weight: ~0.730 Kg

Izhmash AK-102

The carbine derivative of the AK-101, a modernized AK-74M intended for export. It features a shortened barrel and a full stock. All furniture is plastic and the magazine is made out of fiberglass, making the overall weapon lighter compared with the AK-74M.

Name: Izhmash AK-102

Manufacturer: Izhmash
Class: Carbine
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
Action: fully automatic, 600 RPM
Ammunition type: detachable box magazine
Ammunition capacity: 30-round detachable box magazines
weight: ~3.1 Kg

GP-30 Obuvka

An improved version of the GP-25 Kostyor underslung grenade launcher, serving as the main grenade launcher addon for AK pattern rifles. The GP-30 is lighter and features right mounted sights instead of left ones. Unlike their western counterparts, Russian launchers fire caseless grenades, requiring no ejection of spent casings after firing.

Name: GP-30 Obuvka

Manufacturer: Izhmash
Class: grenade launcher
Caliber: 40mm caseless VOG-25 grenade
Action: single-shot
Ammunition type: single-shot
Ammunition capacity: single-shot
weight: ~1.3 Kg

Barrett M82A2

A bullpup, shoulder fired version of the M82 anti-materiel rifle, developed in 1987 and tested during the Iraq War. Thanks to it’s bullpup nature, it possessed a much longer barrel while remaining overall shorter and lighter than the M82A1. Unconventionally for this type of weapon, it was designed without a bipod, with a foregrip in it’s place. This was meant to allow the rifle to work as a simple anti-helicopter weapon, but the rifle was unsuccessful, and was dropped from production.

Name: Barrett M82A2

Manufacturer: Barrett Firearms manufacturing
Class: Anti-Materiel Rifle
Caliber: .50 Browning Machine Gun / 12.7x99mm NATO
Action: semi-automatic
Ammunition type: detachable box magazine
Ammunition capacity: 10-round detachable box magazines
weight: ~15.0 Kg

Please report any bugs you find.

Kojima Productions and Konami for MGS4
Fredrika for the colored specular method
Nem for VTFEdit
Cannonfodder for his plugins

May I ask where you got the weapon models from?

Just from the old MGS4 thread?

I extracted them directly from the files, which is a pain in the ass due to how things are structured there.

I planned to do more but I lost the files when my old hdd got busted. I am planning to restart extraction soon.

Are you planning to release some raw models in the future, or are you going to keep them as it is in GMOD?

I was hoping to make some stuff for Insurgency with it.

I can send you the models if you wish.

Do you hae the ability to extract any additional raw models? There are quite a few that desire certain moels from MGS4.

I am still recovering the files necessary for that. What models do you need?

I would like the pistols in general, custom M870 and the custom M4A1.

You might aswell throw in the raw AK to it, thanks a lot.

I have only found a few of the models and even fewer textures. You will have to wait, it will be a while before I can send any of this stuff.

Yeah, no problem man.

Hmm do you think you could get Metal Gear Ray and Rex, Raiden with his sword and the gekko? Only if you have the time of course.

If you are willing to re-rig them sure, because the rigging is broken on import.

Yep, it’s totally fine, I’m used to that.

Raging Raven is also being sought. I do not specialize in rigging, however the model would be desired by many (as the set is currently incomplete at only three).