Metal Gear Solid Genome Soldiers.

Hi all, i’d like to know where to find those models (Genome soldiers from the Metal Gear Solid: Twin snakes game, which can be used with an emulator on pc)

Please do not let this thread die. I really wish to have these models, particularly the one with the gasmask. But if i can have all, that’s better :wink: thx

Haha, Purple Camo.

The only one we can get is the 3rd one, if you want that.

Yes that could be a beginning =)


I saw somebody could get the entire models set from metal gear the twin snakes from DGFcrews forums. I’ll try to contact him to get the models and then i’ll give it to you nexus if you want

That would be awesome

My Brawl Solid Snake needs some necks to snap. I approve.

The Arctic dude has been ported to Goldsource, I could try getting SGG to port it to source

Oh and the one all the way on the right can be found as a GSG9 reskin somewhere in the horrible bowls of FPSBanana

And the one second to the left (One with the black balaclava), I suggest you use these

The one with the gasmask I don’t think anyone attempted to make anything out of it.

thx for the link. it’s interesting. And for the rest, i’ll wait. But the guy who could port the soldiers hasn’t be in activity since… 2007… fuck… I’m downloading the game, and i’ll try to find the models if somebody wants to port them.

I’ve never been able to get that to run on emulator :confused:

Oh and when I mean that the Arctic Genome has been ported, it’s the one from the Twin Snakes.

I have the model here, apparently it’s for TS.


could you convert 'em? :stuck_out_tongue:

Aahh no, I can’t do that since I suck at porting ragdolls too much.

do you have the models? :s then if yes, could you give 'em to me?i’ll try to do as much as i can.

Any news?

What? No I don’t have them.