Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - Solid Snake!

I would like to know if someone have/can exctract this model (T-pos if possible) from MGS HD collection (MGS2):

(the left one)

I really hope you can help me guys!
Thank you for replies!

I know Ninja Nub is working on a Naked Snake model (for Garry’s Mod and SFM), but he said he didn’t have the tools to extract MGS2 models.

The only tool that I know of would be Solidus, which I have, that extracts most models from the PC version of MGS2. Unfortunately, the textures on that version aren’t very good.

Does it have to be T-Pose, or is l pose acceptable too? If l pose is fine, I can send it your way.

Thank you guys for replies!
I think I-pose is fine too :slight_smile:

I made a maxscript to get models from the hd collection (Mgs2+3) as well as convert the ctxr textures to gtfs which can then be converted to dds.

@JayK: I know your work and I get it but I have a really sh*t level in 3D, for example if you look at my Outlast or MGS4 posts you’ll see I fail when I try to import normal maps or thinks like that, so yes there is google, I tried it few months ago but I never did it (yes I should be retarded).

So if Doakes can send me the working model it can be very cool but i’ll try (again) to find and extract correctly the model when I’ll have time.
But thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Sorry for double post but someone can send me Snake model? Here’s a MGS3 one, no face posing but bodygroups for face camo and sneaking suit

@DoubleMatt: Yes I know this page but Doakes should send me the model I really want ^^
But thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks to Doakes!