Metal Gear Solid-style HUD? (Life bar)

Would it be possible to get a client-side HUD that has the life bar at the top? There doesn’t need to be two like in the picture, the second bar is for the boss fight. I don’t need ammo and stuff to match, I just want the life bar. If you want, you could change LIFE to the player’s Steam Community name, but it’s not necessary.

I will do this for you. Shouldn’t be to hard.


All done, just as described. Let me know and I can fix anything.
All the default Gmod Hud elements will still show up except for health because its the only element that this represents.


Could you do it like in Metal gear solid 4? Where it’s split up in 4 parts, and instead of stamina it’s blue and represents armor?

Thank you!

Like here, on the upper left part.

What are thse bars for underneath the health?

I will give it a shot. I don’t have much time today though. I will see what I can do.

In the real game they are for stamina but I will make it for armor.


Progress. Thoughts?

Looks good but it needs more contrast, the colours are too similar in tone.

Sorry for the bump I hope you’re still doing this, I don’t suppose you could give the colors a bit more contrast, like the name part is more brown like, and make the stamina bar blue. If you did that it would be pretty much perfect. Hope you’ll read this.


Also add some numbers.