Metal Gear Solid V - Aerial Command Center Interior

MGSV Aerial Command Center Interior 1.0!


  • SFM port of the Aerial Command Center interior from Metal Gear Solid V
  • More bones than a halloween spookfest: poseable doors, pilot sticks, briefcase/cassette player/iDroid, weapons box, and more
  • Bodygroups for photos, seatbelts (upper and lower), headset, briefcase/audio equipment, radio backpack, box, basically everything


[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] - by Luxuria
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] - by NotMajora + cr4sh!
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**Credits: **
Kojipro (original model)
Myzt (original port)
Red Menace (fixing up smoothing, shaders, adding bones, bodygroups)
Ninja Nub[NOR] (for the Venom model used in preview image)

ye it looks sexy yo

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Good shit lad.

GMod port when?
seriously though, this shit looks amazing.

Awesome, I was hoping this one would get ported quick.

I don’t know why did Doctor’s post get 2 dumb ratings, he was just asking.

But back to topic, awesome.


I genuinely almost thought that was actually ingame when I looked at that, Majora.

The release is pretty good, actually. good job.

And this is why I sometimes regret not knowing shit about SFM. Nice job, though.

Cool release!

This is crazy awesome work man!

Did a thing with your ACC, thanks a lot.[/t]

didn’t know which one looked better so posted them both

very nicely done :slight_smile:

Did a poster with your ACC. Very good job, mate!

Thanks for the port man. Looks great!

This isn’t a preview image of MGS but I hope this works…