Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Characters Models!

This is a place where we discus about extracting Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Models, everything, from Characters to Weapons Models!

Thanks to @JayK we have Big Boss Face Texture…

…and progress on extracting Models, for now just a Rat!

So if you want to help this “Project”, post your progress or ideas here!

Good luck!

V has come to

The last thread just got locked, why create another one. The game has just been released and people have barely had a chance to look into the new Fox engine. And the way you’ve titled this implies that you already have some important content, in this case player models, when all you have is a rat and face texture. Nice.

its simple, just ignore his thread until you’ve got a way to extract things from the game… at lest thats the logical way of doing things. if your dead set on extracting it.

personally i don’t think a tool will be ready a while…

I’m pretty sure people have extracted models from Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.
That game runs on the Fox Engine.

just hope this lives longer then my thread.