Metal Gear Solid V Sahelanthropus

Metal Gear Solid V Sahelanthropus[/t]

1th March 2016 update
-model spawn problem fixed
-Colorable.ver is now better at dark color repaint.

-model skin credit
KONAMI kojima_pro
I just added some effect.

-Ragdoll tester
thanks for the helps!

Shader update


This model Cannot Transform.
The skeletons isn’t original that is custom ones by me.
I tried to find proper bone position but it was hard ,and I gave up that.

Need Stand pose from right click menu(or Standing Pose Tool)
Joint tool will be needed to pose with its jaw,foot spike,Blade, and so on.

When you put the blade model on the ground, lighting looks strange.
I’ll fix that when I can.

-main file DL link

-Optional files(just color variation NEED MAIN FILE)

Three camouflage from MGSV vehicle customization.
Colorable white armor Sahelanthropus.

The nose skull decal is separated model to avoid from paint tool override.
You can reattach it with Bone Merger tool.

main file

-Optional files


Oh sweet Jesus. I hate fighting this bloody thing on TPP. However, this could be interesting to pose with on Gmod (I’m hoping).

Still, Very Nice work!


Awesome release! Also digging those model boxes.

this was a nice surprise, good work!

Pretty good, lad.

Thanks for the great port.

Oh man this amazing. The model kit boxes are nice added bonus as well

I created the kit BOX only for release pic so the model doesn’t include any release files.
But if you like it,DL from this link!

Is that SFM? I don’t know really, but thanks for great pic.


Dat detail! Can’t wait to use him. Probably the closest thing to Zone of the Enders that we will ever get in a model. I REALLY need to play MGSV.

Great release!

Looks like Father and Son…

For any SFM users, I made an IK rig that you can get here:

The only thing I couldn’t get to look right was the arms.

And I’m pretty sure the reason for that, after getting a headache over it all night long, was simply how the arms were made.

See how the the bone structure doesn’t match with the pivotal hinge? I think that’s what throws the elbow bone off, causing the arms to become all twisted and weird.

At least the legs and everything else turned out fine.

Jesus christ bro, what happend to those pictures?

SFM viewport screencaps.

Yea, what Luxuria said.
I don’t bother rendering images unless I’m making something fancy looking.

Oh boy, this looks marvelous!

next will be the walker gear ?^^

I hope someone port that.