Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Models V1 - Leeches welcome!!! [SPOILERS IN HERE LOOK AT YOUR OWN RISK]

Since files are decrypted, and the xentax thread is getting good progress might as well make a thread for this.
The Xentax thread.
Post your MGSV Rips!
Post your MGSV Wips!
Post your MGSV Mods!

Content should be in this thread soon enough.
Known MGSV Modders/Rippers/Porters:
bastian-07 - Graphics editing with lua

Guy on XeNTaX made an FPK unpacker.
Things will move fast now.

oh i am going to port so much from this game

and also give credits accordingly

This should be splendid.

I can’t wait for the detailed interiors of helicopters.

where modelz :box:

gib dl link now!??S?/wsad/aawdawdawd model is

from the MGS thread

isnt MGS4 not even finished in the model and texture exporting stuff?
yay no shitty 512x512 maps for snakes face

Dam it it was supposed that the model extraction should be kept under warps until the actual phantom pain comes out… I hope konami won’t increase the encryption now… or something…

pls gibe in fbx obj format pls :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for snake too!

Anyone can rip snake from Mgs5? I’d appreciate it.

So I took a look at the foxengines model format FMDL. Doesn’t look hard at all, bonus is they have bonenames which I was scared they would of hashed.

Format overview

So someone from Xentax did this

its amazing how they can make a model of that poly look so good :v:

unless thats a LOD

That mesh has a well defined sillhouette so it shouldn’t matter at all, also it has almost 25k polies




They mean this video:

Has there been any more progress extracting models? There’s been lots of model swaps, just wondering if anyone has unencrypted more stuff.