Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Skullface

SFM RIG, Download from mediafire first.
Use the joint tool to pose his coat

Fingerposing is fucked, so when your fingerposing him untick the restricted posing.

thanks for the people making pictures

What a sexy-ass rip. Keep up the good work man.

Finally! Thanks you!

i was beginning to wonder if you’d ever release this at all.
also for fuck sake you did the fedora tip on him.


Request: Skullface sitting on a branch in a tree like an owl

you know what line to use


WOULDN’T YOU AGREE that this release is pretty good

We can say it kept us waiting, huh?

skull-face’s possible theme?

i don’t want to set the wooooorld oooon fiiiiiireeee. i just want to start a flame in your heaaaaaarrrrtt

did I do it

My god…

This man is crawling with parasites!

Oh mtu mimi nina kwenda kufa.

Nice model by the way, what took it so long?


why didnt you give him the mgsv eye textures?

here, for anyone who wants mgsv eye textures on skull face
drop into materials/models/rin/mgs5/skullface

Been waiting for more MGS ports since the game came out, great job!

Had fun posing with it.


Can I get a one sentence explanation of who he is and why he looks like the Lone Ranger if he was dead for 10 years and resurrected?

Man + fire = Burnty bad man

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There’s no reason for the mask tho he’s just trying to look cool

He got burned and was nicknamed Deep fried joker