Metal Gear Solid

Someone make these characters

Solid Snake (

Solidus Snake (

Raiden ( (8

Pliskin (

and maybe Naked Snake(Big Boss) (

(Left Solid Snake) (Middle Naked Snake) (Right Pliskin) (

I’m working on Raiden and Big Boss.


So, is this going anywhere or will it become abandoned like countless request threads before it.

Look in the main model section. I will make a thread sometime, maybe tomorrow, maybe a week or two from now. Beggars can’t be choosers after all.

what the hell can i do Ananymoose?

and GordoFremen how’s Raiden And Big Boss?

theres a Solid Snake model in this Pack:


You’d be better off waiting for luigimario to release the one from Brawl; the one in that pack isn’t very good.

[quote=“Big-Boss, post:1, topic:10235”]

Someone make these characters

Solid Snake (

look for solid snke on

Someone needs to make the following characters who were listed/being worked on prior.

Have you ever seen my models?е.jpg