Metal Gear Solid

My idea is a gamemode what is a MGS1 but in first person view all time and avaliable to be multiplayer (somehow).

at first i wanted full shadow moses island but now i would like full gamemode :smiley:

this will be big gamemode i think.
models, sounds can be taken from MGS1 on PC or MGS:Twin Snakes but this one is on nitendo console.

some info


also i would like VR trainings

if someone can make this, i would be very thankfull

and sorry for my bad english, i am from Poland

its should look somelike this

Too much work, even the maps would be hard to recreate.

I’ll do it

on a million dollar budget

really, what’s the point of porting an old game? just play the old game itself. a Source engine port could be just like MGS with a lot of work, but as it stands, playing MGS is just like playing MGS.