Metal Gods

gonna make more poses based on songs in the future

oh thats fucking bitch.


I can see his metal nipples.

The grass looks bad, you should replace it with real life grass.

We knew 80’s television was bad, but we didn’t think it would start a war. We so naive before the metal overlords came to our world.

i really don’t feel like doing that. plus the image is already so heavily photoshopped that i wanted to leave at least some of the in-game environment there

I think i just found my new desktop background…

Gorgeous pic, Joazzz. Very nice.

The day the earth stood still…AGAIN…

With smoother grass, this would be perfect.

thanks for the feedback erry1

They look bloody massive and dangerous as living-walkin’ shit. And that’s cool.

Awesome. What are those from?

the buffed up form of Atlas from Bioshock, found the model on and reskinned it; the scale is a perspective trick and i deflated the heads a bit to make the body look more massive

Messing with perspective is so fucking cool when it’s done right, like you have here. Damn nice picture, I love it.

could we get to see an original?

i accidentally the original


Can you upload the skin?