Metal house here!!!Try it XD

Sorry for dizzy camera,I made a metal house and I thought who wants to learn to see the video :v:

I’ve been doing this too. Try aiming for the corners and just outside of location you want it. Also standing back about 1.5 blocks helps too.

I cant make metal walls. I cant see no option when aiming at the wall. Only Stone and Wood???

No, you have to place the floors where the walls should go. It takes some time and some practice to do it but once you get one down you can extend it out.

Place floor where wall should be lol okey. I did not understand it right from the begining. Will give it a try :slight_smile: Thanks

What I want to know, is where you go the blue t-shirt from lol

I recommend testing these walls with a hatchet. Before they would take 25 damage per hit. So the 8k HP is deceiving especially vs the stone which takes 6 damage a hit with a pick Axe and 5k HP.

I am hoping they fix this, seems like a balancing issue- salvage hammer also does 25 damage to them and takes almost no durability hit on it.