Metal Ray. Render to Texture. Black Lines on Boarders

so, i’m having some rendering troubles it seems thats its my ying and i’m its yang anyway…

as you can see theses lines show up on the boarders of the object and on the rendered texture, my settings are almost default for metal ray rendering the only thing that is different is samples 1,000 and element background black.

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    Ambient Occlusion

fixed it, it seems what is shown in the render isn’t what always true.

If you render a texture and use any padding, the texture saved in the output folder specified will contain the padding while the render and anything you export directly from the render window will not have it. I have no clue why it works this way, but it does.

well, it was something to do with the saving because i would normally get this on output and as a result i was saving from window which gave me the boarders…