"Metal shine" texture not rendering

I’m guessing it’s the metal shine, since I still seem to see a shine texture on it over the black and purple checkers. I keep verifying integrity of game cache and defragmenting, but after a while it seems to keep coming back.

Also, is it just me or when I hold a saw blade with a gravity gun, it stays with the flat sides facing me? I could swear that when I look up, the edge faces me.

Do you alt-tab out of game frequently? This causes the purple and black checkers over reflective surfaces (or something similar)

I don’t understand the second question.

The sawblade with gravity gun thing comes from Half-Life 2, it’s so you can chop zombies in half with it.

As for the texture, try deleting materials in your /garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

The texture is probably specularity and lacking cubemaps.
First put mat_specular 0 into the console
Then buildcubemaps
then mat_specular 1

It should be fine now.