metal storage boxes and cracking system for more involved raiding.

So quick thought.

Metal storage boxes. I know there has been thought of key codes and such. But what if you just needed to break them? Not a code. Just bash the life out of them or maybe something like a welding kit could be implemented. With a safe explosives only damage the goods inside.If it is helacious to make and decently secure.It could even help prevent raid and combat logging.with say a rig all you need is power wich correct me if I’m wrong but batterys and car battery’s and such will eventually become part of the game.4 or so wired battery’s in series could produce enough power to melt thru hinges.wire for the feed which could be made from the metal fragments and loaded like ammo. What do you guys think?

This is my first contribution to this forum. I love this game and where its going.Cya in the hills.