Metal Wall placement and c4 resistance


Been lurking for a while but couldn’t find the answer to my question, which way should i place my metal walls? with the metal ‘sheets’ to the outside, or the metal framework to the outside, ive seen a forum post about c4 resistances, and 2 vids where someone actually tests it, the problem is when placing the c4 on the ‘framework’ side, the uploader placed the c4 in the corner? perhaps that is why that side had a resistance of 3.

I would be very grateful if anyone could test this on their server and upload the results, or just tell me, beacause this is getting very confusing for me. (i am also to poor to test this myself atm on the server i play on)

So in short, what resistance does the metal wall give per side.


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here are the vids i was talking about btw.

Slightly off topic, but that needs a fix if it’s a bug. If not then metal walls need a serious buff.

Anyone have any info on this yet:D? Would really want to know before building.