Metal Wolf (Metal Wolf Chaos)

Can somebody make this overexaggeration of American patriotism built in the form of a mecha?

This is what happens when we outsource our defense contracts to asian countries: we get impossibly and unsustainably large metal samurais piloted by the POTUS, rather than a qualified giant metal samurai pilot.

The mech is american yet the letters on the stars are japannese? what?

The Mech looks badass tho.

the game is japanese, it didnt leave Japan because north americans will feel bad because they president is not as awesome

I’ve wanted this thing in any form since forever.

I don’t think there’s even any sort of Xbox emulators though, so I’m pretty sure there’s no way to get it unless you find some way to get it directly off the disc in a usable format, which rarely even happens.

Porting from the Xbox is possible as far as I know.

Just looked it up and… wow that is one truely mad game, who knew such bad dialoge could exist @.@

Looks interesting though (in a seeing what it’s like way), had to be Japan only ¬.¬

Indeed it is ^^

Edit: There’s 4 on the list there -> (though they are 360).

Umodel is only for Unreal Engine games though. Metal Wolf Chaos isn’t on the Unreal Engine.

I don’t know how you can associate awesome with the retarted fuckstick driving that thing.

I know, I was just pointing out that it should be possible to port from Xbox games as it has reference to porting from Xbox 360 (only) games.