Metal Party resize.jpg

thats not iron maiden

Look closelier. Look more closelier.

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Hmm interesting. The second picture shows up just fine in Chrome but not IE10.

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Oh okay now it works.

the first one just cries out for a big bombastic muzzleflash and tons of ejected casing :v:

really cool tho, but you should have added one more light source to make his right side, i dunno, not black

I really like half-face shadow.

That man is a badass!

It says something about the quality of your images that you’re the only author whose new threads I instantly open when I see them. Not that my opinion matters much, but I’m not overly fond of screenshots and yet you make me a believer.

As for these, well, what can I say? Brilliant. Heavy Metal Chris’ image could be a movie poster.

Quite good actually. I like it. Well done shadows.