I need help trying to find a portal box for gmod but steam holds the file models\props\metal_box.mdl

Is there any way i could get that file and the others tat go with it so i don’t re-skin the original boxes

I don’t completely understand what you are saying, but i think you want to hex some skins, so they don’t overwrite originals.


You don’t even know what you want to do, come back when you have thought about it.

I just want more portal cubes instead of reskinning the old one

Plus I have no clue what Hexxing Is

Hexing is slightly changing the name of the model (or materials the model is looking for) so that you can have a new skin for the same model without replacing the original. This is what you want yes?

And to get the portal cube model you will have to extract it (.mdl, .vtx, .phy, .vtf, .vmt and all) from the portal content.gcf file in your steamapps folder using GCFScape. (If you want the link to the Hex Editor I use look here as i just put it there).

does “Hex workshop hex editor” work ?

oh and THX!!!
Thank you alot!!!

np :slight_smile: i’ve put up a tutorial for hexing as people keep asking me how to do it.

And if its a hex editor it proberly will, but i’ve not seen anyone say they use it.

I did every thing but when i went into the model veiwer it didnt show

wat happen

The textures don’t show up in crafty (no idea why) if the box is the same colour as it is when you turn it to solid model render mode it should be fine (or at least means there is a texture its looking for). To check you’ve named/renamed your texture correctly, make sure to check the texture paths in the console tab.

Yes I know but i renamed every thing got the textures, models but still storage box

can you make it for me im horrible at hexing. :frowning:

heres the texture


Get PSPAD, not XVI32. PSPAD is much better for it, and also is useful for lua and other things.

Open the model in PSPAD. You then just scroll down and change the material name (Not too hard to find, just do a search for it), save it.

Change the .mdl name (right click, rename)

Job done.

Ah so that is a hex editor, I found something about it looking for something else earlier (i’d never heard of it before then). Do you have a link to a download of it?

uhh i think theres something wrong with my computer

I downloaded the “eight cubes in 1” pack on but i tried it and it gave me a error.

I don’t get it!