Metallic Properties

Wouldnt it be cool if someone made a metal mod where certain props could bend like metal? Dont say its impossible untill its attempted [[[[[proudly posted from a PSP]]]]]

It’s impossible, you can’t just do that on props that arent made to be able to do that

 thats why i said CERTAIN PROPS  .  they could make some and a hammer swep as well to bend it.  you know it'd be cool.

What certain props you mean? They must be custom made, because the only ragdolls in hl2 are characters (except one or two props)

they could make their own or with permission modify PHX someone plz give this a shot

Also, this mod as you call it would be a waste of time because it has no practical use since the way it has to be made

You could use it to bend metal onto a jeep for a better armored vehicle, you could shape metal to your liking, make supports for buildings, better and easier contraptions etc,etc.

good idea i can see the use for it but it would be hard/near impossible to do in my inexperienced eyes