Metaru Gia Raijingu

Not my best work, not my worst
it’s my first time ever photoshopping blood
this was mainly to test out different brush types and stuff

constructive criticism is welcome

Cool maybe this will come in usefull for a stupid plot device in the sequel

man that’s some dull-ass lighting, put a few lamps in there

also the blood effect in the second one looks like a flat stain on the camera lens

For your first time editing blood, it’s not terrible. Most people have bright red blood brushes on their first. (me included.)

Blood brushes are good for blood editing, especially if you have to produce many blood edits in a short timespan (like a comic.) Though, you should never only use ONE brush. And you’d be best off not using anything but the standard brushes, though that takes time and skill to pull off well.

Check out some blood editing tutorials. Though what I can share with you is that you should mess with the blending options on the blood. Make it dark red, and use the burn tool to create color differences in the spatter. As well as adding tons of layers to make it seem 3D and not 2D.

It also doesn’t hurt to read up a little on how blood works and looks when it’s gushing out from the different parts of your body. Blood flowing from your pinky will look different then blood flowing from your throat. Etc.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
All of you are right, and I should do some research for blood physics!!

(I realized when I put blood on the second one that it looked very flat but just said “fuck it”)

As for lighting I forgot about them for the second pic :open_mouth:

I knew Raiden was emo, but I never knew he cut himself.