Metastrike - Everything is random.


If you're going to be a server host, you'd better be willing to join other players' servers to get more players playing the game in general. Just a heads up.

Current 24/7 Servers: 

’murica: (Builders Tek provided by Soviet_Earth)
’murica: (Karbon Gaming provided by Storm)
’murica (Texas): (no group provided by Mike tyson)
Canada: (VexonGaming provided by Krotain)
United Kingdom: (CCRetroGaming provided by Old Man Judochimp)
France: ( provided by N4T3)

Other Servers: (not always up but I have direct access to their file system)

’murica: (Unmei Server provided by Zix)
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**There’s a war that goes on for years. **

The desperate struggle between those who try to keep the peace in their various servers, and those who seek to spread havok and destruction is a long and indefinite one. Over the years, things can change. Admins find new commands to use, and mingebags find new hacks and workarounds to counter with. The servers change the fight, too. Changing rules, changing weapons, changing the game.
**The battlefield changes.
The struggle doesn’t. **

Metastrike is a Garry’s Mod gamemode where each round is a whole new game. One minute, you could be moon-jumping whilst sniping people with a scoped Glock 18, and the next minute, you could be coughing up a lung trying to get to your opponent before sickness gets to you. Randomly chosen Strike Mods change the game, not the individual. They affect everyone and everything. Eliminate the opponent under siege by zombies, or hurl explosive barrels at them.

Here’s a not-so-serious gameplay video of the game in action:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: how do i pley da game

A: First, you’ll need Counter-Strike Source, obviously. Then boot up Garrysmod and connect to one of the many servers at the top of this OP. Or, you know, download the addon, find a server on the browser, and invite some friends if it’s empty. Use F2 to change/join teams.

**Q: Help! I see missing textures on my screen / long download times / et cetera!

A:** You can either make sure that you correctly downloaded the Workshop addon here (normally it downloads automatically), or you can give your game a restart to ensure the files are mounted.

**Q: Can I host my own server with this gamemode?

A: **Absolutely! Contact me either on Steam or on Facepunch and I can help set up your server, and it won’t cost you a dime to get tech support and all of the updates! (Although if you start making donater benefits, I’d like at most a 10% cut of the money.)

**Q: I’m interested in hosting the gamemode. What are the benefits?

A:** With the current version of Metastrike, you can add custom weapons and use the custom hooks to customize your server. Plus, you will get any and all updates I put out, plus tech support. It will not cost anything to get Metastrike and any of the previously mentioned features (unless you set up a donation system, at which point I may ask for a small cut of the money. At most 10%. Maybe 5% if it’s decently popular.)!

**Q: Where are zombies?

A:** Patience.



Main Programmer - Suppercut (me)
HUD Design - Wauterboi
Voice Talent (Announcer) - Wauterboi

I fucking love it so far.

This actually looks pretty nice

Great gamemode, I played it for a short while and it’s lots of fun

Looks nice, I’ll give it a try.

Great job with this, looks fantastic!
I just think a 20 percent cut of any donations seems a little… steep?

I wasn’t aware 20% is steep. It’s not a minimum though, I guess 10% or maybe even 5% if the server gets popular enough is fine.

Also, for those of you who aren’t in the UK and don’t like the lag of the CCRetroGaming server, I have a friend on the line who is also interested in hosting, so hopefully that problem won’t arise again!

Aha, very nice concept. I’ll give this a go when I can.

Once i can get it to upload! It will be hosted in Texas, so any US players should have a better ping.


This is fucking amazing

Hurry! We must assassinate all dorkrp servers in favour of this!

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Playing it right now, and it’s really fun, even with 3 other people.

Holy shit I did not expect this gamemode to explode like this. Well, in a relative sense. The first time I posted about this gamemode, I literally had to ask a guy myself just to host it. We are getting a few more servers on top of the ones I added to the OP, and the demand is pretty great, so once I finish the next version I will create a SVN for Metastrike, so you’ll be able to host a server yourself (I will still give tech support when necessary when the time arrives!).

The next version will have zombies, MVP Versus MVP, no more lightspeed shit, and more, so look forward to it!


Alright, my US server is up. Connect to!

Sure can’t wait till we modify the living shit out of this.

Brb feverishly planning out maps and miniguns.

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I’m going to make a mental note to keep that in and add miniguns so we have 500 MPH minigun battles.

Any CSS map is supported out of the box as long as you add them to mapcycle.txt (unless you do a custom map vote). Although you may have to do a couple extra things in order to get certain upcoming mods to work, like Zombies and Powerups.

Custom weapons are also mostly supported; contact me for help on that.

Just played it today, pretty good idea

How about completely custom made maps? I plan on making quite a few for your game mode.

have fun

matches will go on for ninety minutes because you still have to stop running so damn much to shoot impossible-to-hit targets

Don’t worry, we plan on pushing your game mode to the limits of insanity. :dance: