Metastrike - Should I continue this gamemode?

No, this is NOT in any way similar to or affiliated with Awesome-Strike Source. Read the damn post before you tl;dr and praise AS:S like, well, an ass.


Listen Server: Nope
Coronia Server: shut down
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Heya guys, Suppercut/HeadInjuryGames here. Now, I’ve been developing a Fretta gamemode. I want to know what you think of it and whether or not you want to host it on a dedicated server. Please let me know what you think after you’ve had a chance to play.

So let’s dive into this gamemode!

Meta-Strike is a Fretta gamemode that’s like Counter-Strike, but with a twist: Each round is different from the last, in one way or another! Each round, your loadout is selected for you, and three “Strike Mods” are chosen. These “Strike Mods” apply to all players on both teams, and have some interesting effects. Some are simple, like modified damage or movespeed. Some are difficult to deal with, like guns that “overheat” or bullets that have a chance to bounce off of players. Some are downright crazy, like zombies spawning around the map, bullets that steal health, guns that shoot babies, and more.

The rest of the game rules are simple: kill all players on the opposing team. There may be actual CSS objectives in a later version, though for now it’s just that. Also, did I mention that the teams are “Admins” and “Mingebags”? Nobody represent terrorism like mingebags!

Now, some pictures:

Not much to see here, other than the HUD.

Here Isaac “Testdummy” Kleiner demonstrates the “Hit/Miss Chance” Strike Mod.
Testing Meta-Strike on it’s new Coronia DS.
Getting pwned by Suiryu on the Coronia DS.

Currently Implemented Strike Mods:
-Movement Speed Increase/Decrease
-Attack Strength Increase/Decrease
-Max Health Increase/Decrease
-Accuracy Increase/Decrease
-Rate of Fire Increase/Decrease
-All Weapons Have Scopes
-Power Bullets
-Vampire Rounds
-Deadly Disease
-Overheating Guns
-Hit/Miss Chance
-Silent Footsteps
-Super Jumping
-No Jumping
-No Sprinting
-Lightspeed Sprinting
-Silent Guns (and I mean SILENT)
-Kevlar Armor (Three variants: +25, +50, and +100 armor)
-All Guns
-Melee Weapons Only
-No Fall Damage
-Insta-kill Fall Damage
-Explode On Death
-Shooting While Sprinting
-Bomb Defusal Gamemode

Planned Strike Mods:
-Nyan Cat Guns
-CD-i Guns
-Moonbase Aeiou Guns
-No Medkits
-Double Medkit Recharge Rate
-Incendiary Ammo
-Crouch to Fire
-Baby Guns
-Third Person
-Gravity Increase/Decrease

The idea looks quite interesting, I like the idea, but the hud seems to be quite big, though that might just be the pictures. Anyways, the gamemode looks good, I think you should continue it.

I’d help you out with testing it. Add me on steam: Psycho644

I really like the idea, it feels like it would be interesting each time you play.

Read as Meatspin honestly… :v:

its a great idea but it should be called frettastrike

it fits better

I honestly LOVE the idea and would love to test it! Add me on steam, my name is JoshB.

Looks great. Add me on steam:

If you have some sort of framework (like specicifed functions required) to make Strike Mods I would gladly make some for you.

I thought bullets were supposed to do that anyway

Continue! Gmod needs new popular gamemodes.

Got an idea. If you lvl up, you will get weaker. That won’t make pros OP and would give us long time motivation.

You can make that you get more Money for a kill when you’re weaker, so that equals out.

Sorry for bad english.

I mean all weapons act like the Blutsauger. They heal you when they hit people.

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The game doesn’t actually have money, so what would be the point of this? It works on a basis of team VS team, and whoever has the most wins at the end of the gamemode is the winner.

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To be honest, I don’t, but I did get a concept for a simplified Strike Mod creation process. Right now all the SWEP functions ask for specific Strike Mods, and if there is a certain Mod, then it does what the mod is supposed to do. When I get around to working on it again (and trust me, I will, I got some great feedback!), I’ll definitely look into making custom Strike Mods using tables with functions or something like that. For now the current Strike Mods are hard-coded into the gamemode, but can be activated/deactivated and checked for easily.

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I might actually want to mention that I would like someone to possibly host for me, since my dedicated server tends to bitch and piss and refuse connections, even after I make sure the correct ports are forwarded.

There is already a far more advanced version of this that was released called “Awesome Strike Source”

Awesome Strike Source is absolutely NOTHING like this. I’m not even sure if you read the post at all. ASS has no random weapons OR Strike Mods. It’s just CSS with some Call of Duty / Matrix crap.

Here’s my steam link:

I’m looking for people to host.

Looks like a copy of Awesome-Strike

Looks like you didn’t read

Scroll up moron.

Is anyone willing to help me host this thing?
I’m sure he would.