Metel Gear Solid 3 KGB Soldiers

You know those ^ guys from the first few levels of MSG3, I thought they looked awesome! and even though the models are a little dated, I think it might be possible to get the model from an emulator or the disk?.

also I don’t really care if there Face posable or finger.

I second.

Given that this site has an abundance of soldier models, maybe one with a hood could be headhacked onto a fitting body to make an imitation of this.
Like one of the soldiers from STALKER being hacked onto a CSS or Modern warfare model.

yeah, if you don’t care about quality. these soldier models rival anything valve has ever done. the only they they’re missing are normal mapping. the guys from stalker/call of duty/etc are horrendous, i’m sorry.

Why? You’ve got nothing to be sorry about. The whole shitload of soldier models on this site, bad quality, most are just redone Counter-Strike stuff made to emulate Modern Warfare. Unsure why Stalker models are bad, but maybe they just look like shit in the source engine. (Looked fine in STALKER)

Yeah imitation models would be ok, but It would be awesome to have the actual model since usually imitation models have some faults in looks.

the stalker models are bad because the textures are flat, the models are undetailed and boxy, and the proportions are awful…when was the last time you saw boots that size? they look like clown shoes. and the shoulders are hilariously broad like a football player’s. i really wish people were more critical when looking at models.

My own. I wear size 12 boots. But bad jokes aside, I actually hadn’t noticed any of the stuff you pointed out. Usually people don’t point out flaws in models unless it’s glaringly obvious.

maybe because they don’t point out flaws, period. and that’s the problem with people. they can’t think for themselves.

and if you think the boots in stalker are size 12, you’re kidding yourself. go in the game and compare the boot the head. if those are size 12 boots, that head must be be less than 6 inches in length.

also, boots aren’t shaped like that. that’s another thing.

Yeah stalker models do look a bit weird.

Man I hope someone decides to do these models.

I mainly want the guy in the front.

I support this as well, and agree with Dr.Melombada. Sokolov is one bad mofo.

Ok I think I have an idea on how to make these guys by hacking a bunch of stuff together ok we use the MGS4 PMCs arms and body (bdu and stuff) then we just need to find some baggy pants and head with a hood and balaclava. but it would probably be better if we just ported them along with Nikolai (Sokolov) and released them in a pack: K.G.B guys with Scientist.



uugh bump

Funnily enough…

HEAVY WIP, But still

Awesome! this threads got some progress!

The only things I see that the ragdoll needs is gloves, a balaclava and mabye add some pouches to the bdu, also get rid of the crouch plate.

When talking to someone who doesn’t know shit about modelling. You’re asking alot

Oh ok, well then its pretty good the way it is already