Meteor Smash SWEP by Sylph(me)

Meteor Smash SWEP

This SWEP was inspired from a weapon from the game Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2. I decided to make this weapon in Gmod because I thought it would be nice :D.
This SWEP only has a primary fire mode but it is also the first version of it. I’ll maybe make changes to it once I feel like it but I think it looks fine.
I know sorry for some of you who hate the IRifle but I had no Idea of what to put like model and I don’t have any modeling software so I’ll give you a tip. I recomend you to download the Black AR2 skin. It would enhance it’s look (thats what I did).
Here is the Video:

Here is the download:

So go ahead and Enjoy.

Wtf where’s download? Shouldn’t you put it on here instead of just the video.

Haha, omg thx, can’t beleive i forgot that part XD.

I love this swep…
In fact, using this swep as a base, I made a personal-only swep that shoots a laser (Like the laser pointer) and in a few seconds (Reload changes it) a meteor comes down and explodes, like the Meteor Strike in Destroy All Humans.

Looks like an awesome SWEP :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, please dont type ‘By <name here>’ in the end of the title, we know its yours.

Alright I’ll do that for you ;). But the reason why I do it is because sometimes I might be uploading a friend’s SWEP.

If you are doing that, you could just write ‘MADE BY MY FRIEND, NOT ME!’ in the first post.

Interesting, though I was expecting some form of arty strike-type meteor strike…:/. It would be neat if you could code it so if you shoot the ground, 3 seconds later a rain of meteors comes down, now THAT would be sweet to see :D.

Secondary function in Wrath Of Hades?

I wanna get that SWEP still :|, looked really good when I saw it on Youtube, the explosion was really cool.