Method to turn model to desired angles?


Ok so, I need a method to turn the model to some specific angles, with the help of acceleration. I can apply force to it in it’s pitch, yaw and roll. With the help of that, I want to manage to get to a specific angle. Like, my model is at angle 143, -177, -1. I want it to be at angle 0,0,0. With only applying force to it inside the physicssimulate function, I want to smoothly turn it to my desired angle and keep it there. How can I go about and do this?

Any help appreciated.

You can use ComputeShadowControl.

Yes, I already used this and it does pretty much what I want to, however the problem with it is that I can’t customize much at all.

What exactly do you want to customize?

Well, as the function just requires a definite position, it’s kinda hard for me to include small forces that acts on it. Like, the balloon is far too ‘stiff’ if you know what I mean. It goes to the input position, but nothing more then that. I am interested in things like damping, air resistance, inertia, etc.

You can get rid of the stiffness by reducing damping.