Methods to reduce the massive PvP and make it more of a challenging game

First of all, weapons don’t need to be removed. Instead, make it more of a risk to use a weapon rather than leave the other player in peace and go on fighting for your OWN survival.
A gunshot should attract more enemies, zombies are quite suitable for this so I ask the question why they should be removed? If a player wants to shoot another, shall he, but he should need to think before whether it might be worth the risk or not and not just simply -boom boom- ‘oh, there’s no loot, well I only wasted 2 bullets, let’s craft 50 more in a minute’. The gameplay at current is pretty imbalanced.

Also, resources for weapons should be found in areas further off. Of course, high-end weapons should NOT be craftable at all, instead they should be achieved for very challenging actions.
When you put resources for gunplay in areas further off, those players will stick in those areas. Like, create safe-zone like factoires where ammuniton and high-end gear can be crafted. You don’t need to put the game back to stoneage.

The environment should be a lot more hostile, really. Anyone with a 9mm can go around shooting every type of zombie getting the whole loot and only being interrupted by another player equipped with a machine gun. Also, when you bother killing something and a better equipped player comes around, he just gets what you earned.

Sure, real life can be like that, but in real life you can hide, look around, be creative and don’t need to chop wood with a stone, so let’s leave the “thats-real-life” sayers out of this. In real life you can’t craft an assault rifle with a few stones and some wood within a matter of minutes. Games are NOT real life and games designed for systems like a simple PC will not easily come close to that. So games should be designed as games, making rules so the game can be enjoyable for everyone. Games don’t want to be real real-life. Nobody wants to spend 50 hours of his lifetime to chop rocks and trees just to have a small house on a virtual machine. People want to play games to easily have fun and, yes, sometimes even very challenging fun.

Also, when you equip a gun, you shouldn’t be able to just run and keep shooting at other players. Aften running, you should be heavily breathing and crouch for 2 to 3 seconds to gain back concentration. When you’re equipped with Kevlar, a shotgun and 30 rounds, you shouldn’t still be able to run as fast as an unarmed guy. What can he put against you then? An armed player’s gaming style should be WAY different from an unarmed players gaming-style.

Also the inventory needs to be reduced. Backpacks desperately need to be introduced. Another good idea would be dropping only 2 to 3 random items when you die, so others players don’t just kill you and take ALL your stuff, guaranteed. Right now, there’s absolutely 0 effort in killing another player who’s not as armed as you and hasn’t had time for the last few hours to build up.

So far, just a few suggestions. I know the game is alpha and I knew that when I purchased it. I just think that the developers wanted this forum to have these suggestions. Developers want the gamers to enjoy the game and therefore assist in building it.

Edit: Stones should at least be throwable. There’s no real chance to kill an animal when you start with your rock. There’s always a bear, wolf or other player near the animal. You just end up starving or getting by another player because you have to do way too risky things.
Players should be absolutely encouraged to finally move away from the beginners-zone and only rarely come back. Maybe radiation could affect metal stuff and there only unarmed players will stay in highly radiated zones?

Devs need to make Low Quality Metal Recipe Rare and not learned at Birth.

Are you saying you were born without a degree in metallurgy?!

No, I was born with the gift. As we all have been, this is the problem.

Good Idea - I did’nt read it all the way through because I’m lazy but I also think they should make ammo harder to get so you need to think twice about using it

Well i made a really long post and my net dumped so imma just make a tl:dr version. I’m answering by paragraph.

Just because you’re experiencing the bullshit veteran players had to go through doesn’t make the game imbalanced lol. They resourced and gathered just like you, but actually knew how to survive and it gathered up and now they kill people for a snowball effect for more resources. Don’t base the balance of the game based on you shitty experiences.

Resources shouldn’t be farther off at all. The nodes were made for a lucky if 100 people online. I would spread out resources and increase the node spawns. NO SAFEZONES, safezones kill any survival game as for it just leads to safezone camping/ nobody leaving the safe zone which is where Nether screwed itself. Open PvP > All. High grade weapons should only be found rarely on zombies/rad zones and airdrops, non craftable.

Environment is fine, its just like any other survival game when yuo get a gun. DayZ zombies are easy kills once you get a firearm so it is not like Rust is this only game with a shitty PvE aspect. Prepared to be wiped out, it is inevtiable and will happen a shit ton. The key is don’t get butt hurt about it and learn what you did wrong and don’t do it again. Sooner or later you’ll learn what not to do.

If you aren’t prepared to lose what you have on you then quit the game.

Speeding up naked players doesn’t serve a purpose since they’ll just get shot down regardless. Making kevlar guys and m4 guys have a some sort of “stamina” is not good and possibly gamebreaking in the current state of the game. There are no vehicles/bicycles to make up for the stamina so trying to raid someone far off would almost not even be worth the time and would inhibit player interaction which isn’t what garry wants.

Inventory is fine, this game doesn’t cater to scared people who are afraid of losing what they earned. Shit sucks to get wiped but itll happen a good 10 times before you get stabilized and start making progress. Also it takes plenty of effort to kill someone not in kevlar/m4. If you have leather/mp5 and you try to rush or outgun 3 kevlar guys then you deserve to die for being and idiot. You should always be prepard with Mp5/leather, WOOD BARRICADES (OP!), Bandages/Medkit, and tons of food. Use your barricades to your advantage as you can determine what your cover is and have easy advantage if you’re facing noob kevlar guys which is more common than you think.

Edit answer: Most stupid suggestion i’ve seen so far because it takes 35 wood 5 cloth to make a bow and minimal wood / stone to make arrows. I facepalmed through my face on this one lol.


This thread title is an oximoron. The game is too hard for you to PvP so you want PvP removed to make it more challenging?

You never played Star wars galaxies in its prime, done properly Rust can be the new SWG and be the ultimate sandbox MMO, it will take a long time to get there but it has a lot of potential, it just needs to distance itself from all this zombie crap so people will stop calling it a DayZ clone.

I am still fairly new, but just lost a good 8 hours of gameplay because of 2 people with an explosive. I think the PvP aspect makes the game amazing, but I think your home should be more secure than it is currently. I played once, logged out and came back to a missing door, sleeping mat, and stuff in my box. I played for 30 minutes and had my house raided which resulted in me being at ground 0.
I think a good way of fixing things would be to make houses much stronger so that not just any person who wants in can come in and take everything. That keeps PvP at a max, but gives people a chance to have some measure of security.

The bases security is determined by the creator. If you want to feel safe at night make a base that can take some C4 hits, don’t leave all your loot in one room, and sleep with nothing on your body.

That’s great for someone who has a ton of resources… Where do you store them as you gather them in the interim? There will be a long initial time until you can build a house that can take a big hit, but by then you’ve been raided eleventy-nine times…

I didn’t ever say PvP should be removed, therefore the title is anything but an oximoron.

I say that it’s imbalanced. Because this game makes one thing wrong. Starting is difficult, keeping yourself at the top is not at all an effort in this game because you will always walk by some unarmed/poorly armed idiot with the resources on him to craft yourself 100+ ammo and another gun, just because you’ve already got the furnace and all other stuff and don’t need to go out anymore. Once you got a few arms and a house, this game doesn’t require you to do anything else but pickaxing and shooting other players right next your door. And I’ve not always been the “victim” so far, therefore I can say that also the lucky winner side bores me out, because it’s way too random and unchallenging. I want the environment to really keep me mid-level busy for more than just the first 3 hours of the game and then, when I’m really attentive I might actually plan to assault another play in a tactical way. Because this is not Counterstrike or CoD, this is a tactical survival game as it pronounces itself.

A game should make it easy to start and then harder and harder to actually improve. In Rust you only have to got lucky or be a real progamer not to get killed 10 times in a row until you got yourself a decent supply of arms crafted. And once you got that shit, you get so bored that you don’t know what to do with your ammo (because the environment doesn’t challenge you at all to survive) but shoot every naked guy just so you don’t get overloaded with resources. The game is defo imbalanced and many players think that. It’s alpha, so what?

I say that this game can use the chance to create areas where higher leveled players should be encouraged to go and not stick with the naked cavemen in one small area just to kill them over and over again.

Edit: regarding the edit on stones to be thrown, of course we’re not talking about the same amount of “stones”. As other players have already stated, the distribution and the amount of resources collected/required isn’t really senseful at the moment.

Sorry for the many edits.

Garry made it this way for a reason. It is supposed to be an uphill battle and nothing is supposed to be permanent. That is the gameplay. If you do not enjoy that please find another game to complain about. Honestly just go to resource field and stop walking into PvP towns with a rock.

Overreact much?

They are not complaints. They are suggestions on trying to help balance the gameplay from a new player perspective. The point is to improve something that is good and that is still in development and can get even better. You really think everyone who has an idea should just drop whatever game they’re playing because “you thought something different = you don’t enjoy the game”?

If you do not enjoy constructive criticism please find another forum to complain in.

I mean, think of all the cool survival series or movies made. There were no heavily armed guys slaughtering naked people which didn’t pose any threat to them. If anything, they thought “oh hey, let the environment take care of this, I don’t need to waste a bullet on that”. And only when the other really becomes a threat or noticeable opponent to you, you should think in risking a shot to clear that.

Right now it’s just Battlefield mixed with dumb AI dolls where some players unfortunately start as moving targets for the players which have been 2 hours longer on the server.

So people crying about wanting the game to be revamped because they suck at it is reason to reprogram the entire game mechanic? Seriously YOU need to find another forum to cry on. This is how Rust plays and it is intended that way. Please do yourself a favor and read posts from Garry and the other developers. It is supposed to be hard for new players and it is even harder for those who have played awhile. If you were decent at the game you would know this. The bigger your structure the more you get attacked and have to fight to stay alive. At no point does this game get “easier”.

I think Garry wants to make money, so therefore he will do what pleases the gamers.
And to correct this again, I’ve been successful and unsuccessful in this game. I’ve had 10 M4 on one server and never even gained a hatchet on another. What bothers me is the randomness. It makes no difference whether I as an individual leave other players the chance to move on when they’re unarmed. You need the game mechanics to challenge each player so they don’t get so bored to randomly waste bullets on naked. That’s my opinion, of the developers want to leave it that way, shall they. I personally love the idea of Rust, I love the idea of real survival mixed with PvP, but the reason why the developers created alpha, early access and forums is that they want to hear what the players think.

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Seriously, if they lower the environment even more and remove zombies, the point of playing this game would totally get lost. It would end up being a shooter where you happen to gain resources from other players. You could shortcut that, place locked crates and safes on the fields, give the player a bolt cutter instead of a stone to begin with and put ready ammo inside. Nothing but a mod of any other shooter. The developers wanted to make something new, something different. By contributing my well thought opinion I try to assist in that.

I can understand that. I just do not want to see this game watered down to please new players. It is a double edged sword. The more basic you make the game for new players, the more boring the game is for vetrans. I agree with you it is up to Garry and if he wants to take it in the direction of a “caveman building simulator” then my only choice is to stop playing. I am enjoying the game the way it is now and would like to see it continue this way rather than forking in the other direction.

My biggest gripe with new suggestions like this is that the gameplay is entirely different once you have played enough to be able to fend for yourself vs starting fresh. Things that you think are badly implemented right now may become much more likable as you progress. Every opinion counts but I strongly feel that players who have not logged a large bit of time playing this game should not have such sway in the development process. Again that is just my opinion.

Homie that is what I am trying to say. That is what Rust is. You fight each other in tribal warfare for land and resources. That is the gameplay of Rust. They programmed it that way for a reason. Everything from the guns to the fortified structures supports PvP based play. I understand if you do not like that type of game but again, people like myself do like this; the way it is without needing it to change.

I am basically of the same opinion as you. I don’t want the game to be more basic in any way. I want it to be more complex, but gradually. Other games have managed that by creating level-based areas. That’s perfect, because there veteranism finally counts, tactics begin to count.
You need to give other players the chance to at least get to higher levels to even learn from the game engine and make it better the next time. That’s why I say, a game should make it easy to get in, but harder to improve and move on, that’s the right way. I don’t say “wash it down so anybody can feel like a hero”.
But if you take CoD for instance, there veteranism really is of importance, because ALL players start exactly the same. Because Rust doesn’t want all players to be the same at the same time at the same place, there need to be some changes.

Fair enough. Sorry for bashing your thread. There are so many “coop” posts on this forum it is starting to make every suggestion bleed together as a giant handicap to me. Maybe I should take a nap. :smiley: