MetrCop Looking at a Ruined Cuty (Fallout Style)

Fallout Background :confused:
I wanted to give it a gm_atomic background but it didn’t work :frowning:
Also it’s my first

And a bigger -crappier :frowning: version:

It would be great even if it wasn’t your first :).
Nice job.

The CP blends nicely with the background.

Nice :smiley:

“At a ruined Cuty

I lol’d

Nice isolating.

First thougt i thougt it was reichstag 1945 :v
gogo, i like ^^

Found my new desktop background. Looks amazing, especially since it’s your first!

Thanks for the positive feedback let me see if I can do a 1680x1050 version :3

Hey look my new background!

Aww thank you guys =)

Nice use of Fallout concept art. Not sure if the picture would have been better if you just used a power-armour model but whatever, the lighting is good.

Goddamn, this is your first?!