Metro 2033 civilians

I know this is asking for a lot, but is there anyway some one can port the civilians from Metro 2033 for me?

I support. They’re great models.

Support. Military models may be cool, but there is an extreme surplus of them. It would be nice to see something else released for a change.
(Hope I’m not viewed as TheFallen(TF2) by anyone)

It’d be nice to have the Reds and the 4th reich guys as well

Well I am helping run an RP server for Metro (I am a mapper) and we have some of the Red Line and 4th Reich models ported (enough to make the factions) but we lost the guy who ripped the models cause he was a douche and we did not want him as an admin, so we are sort of stuck in this awkward point where everything is Metro except you have citizen models.