Metro 2033 content and mrp_redline map

Hello everyone.
We really love Metro 2033 universe and tried to create someting by ourselves.
We collected a really huge content(Metro 2033 + A little-bit of STALKER). Here’s a link:
And we decided to test what we can do with such a big content (3,5 Gb+) and created a map, named mrp_redline. Here’s a link:
We really want to share with such a good content and see, that someone will use it in his personal development.
Below you can see what we could do with this content:

We really want to share content of this lovely universe with so much people, as we can.
Also big thanks to z-o-m-b-i-e for such an awesome models and cool Thumbs.db file in one of the models dir.
Hope you will enjoy.

Looks like really good bases for scenebuilds