Metro 2033 Gasmask Script

I want an addon that would do that when you enter a zone or pollute the air is forcing you to use a squeeze Gasmask As in Metro 2033. Example when a Nuke Explodes as air pollution is a Surface hang 15 minutes or more so if you want to go outside you Need to Use a Gasmask for Breathing Or you die.

Is your Understand what i says Gg i use Google Traduc Beceause im a French

Exemple Video

Plz Wizey if you See that Make this your Is the Best :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone ? no ? :’(

It wouldnt make sense, not everyones going to download a nuke mod to see a character animate a gasmask being applied to the face. It would take way to much effort for something not needed.

na i wanna add this feature to my Map but i need the addon First