Metro 2033/Last Light Models

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen any talk about Metro, and it’s models…

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to know if anyone happened to have any updated models from either game that they’d like to share? Metro being one of my all-time favorite games, and the universe being golden, I would love to see some updated models from either game if anyone happened to have any. I was planning to start a possible serious-roleplay (gross) based off of Metro once again, but I find that the models on the workshop are kind of outdated.

I’d hire someone to make some or port some, but I don’t have any money, unfortunately. Any updated models that can be used on Clockwork (gross) would be appreciated and credited if the community ends up taking off.

also, some working sweps that weren’t bugged to shit would also be helpful!

Have you seen the metro civilians made by Half-Dead? They’re like perfect for serious RP.

Don’t think they really work for Clockwork, since Clockwork uses NPC’s instead of Playermodels, and I last time I checked on those, they didn’t have any NPC’s at the time.

If it helps any, I remember someone ported some Metro vehicles recently. Would props like that be useful to you in anyway?

These may be of use ^^

I’ve seen a clockwork seriousRP server using those models, I’m sure of it. You probably know more than me though.

Do you know if there’s any real difference between the models ported from the original copies and the Redux copies?