Metro 2033/Last Light/Redux Animation reverse engineering request (Animation files supplied)

Hello Facepunch,

For quite a while, Metro 2033 and Last Light models have been out, and recently I released the raw files for the Redux editions of both games.
However, no one has been able to get any of the animations extracted, and as far as I know, no one has tried to do so either.

My request is a bit out of the ordinary, but I would like someone to try to crack open these files, or do whatever they can to get them to work properly in a 3D modeling/animating program. Below are links to the files in question.

MEGA download link here.
Mediafire link [here](when opened with a hex editor).
Dropbox link here.

Some information on the files and included (PLEASE READ):
Each game has two folders that involve animations, one titled “anims” and the other “motions”. The anims folder contains a BIN file that is not openable by any methods I know (including making a CUE file), yet viewing the BIN file with a hex editor shows that some sort of sequences reside within it.
The motions folder contains files in different formats for each game, but they all follow a pattern of being named after the sequence they replicate (IE: Kalash 2012 has a file called “2012_reload_0”, which presumably holds the reloading animation). These files are also not openable, and again can be viewed with a hex editor to see that they contain some sequences.
Another thing to note is that all weapon animation files within each games’ “motion” folder are effectively split into two; one file is used for the movement of the hands for each weapons’ sequences, and another set is the movement of the weapons’ parts during that same sequence. Basically, when reloading the Kalash 2012, one file is used for the hands moving, and another file is used for moving the gun itself.

Metro 2033
The motions folder contains files in the .MOTION format. I’ve personally never seen or heard of this format, and any searches on it don’t yield any useful results.

Metro: Last Light
The motions folder here is drastically different, this time containing file formats .M2 and .M3. Again, they cannot be opened traditionally, and none of my searches have come u with anything useful. However, when opened with a hex editor, only the .M2 files produce anything comprehensible, while the .M3 files do not. All .M2 files are accompanied by an .M3 file with the exact same name as the .M2 file, so there must be some correlation between the two to produce a single animation sequence.

Metro Redux Versions
Strangely enough, the Redux versions only contain .M2 files, yet have almost the same data and formatting as Metro 2033’s motion files, when opened with a hex editor.
Before I finish, I’d like to thank those who helped get these files in the first place.
I’d like to thank the creator(s) of the Metro Unpacking and Texturing tools (found here) for creating the tools necessary for getting all of the models, sounds, and other parts of the games out to the public for use.
HighdefGE for helping myself and others by providing a batch-conversion method for textures in to a usable format (his post explaining the process can be found here).
Lastly, a big thanks to two users from the Xentax forums, lostprophet for his link to one Redux Unpacker that I used, and to swuforce for his link to another set of Redux Unpackers.

So that’s it. Hopefully someone out there is willing to try their hand at this.
Thank you for your time, everyone.

It’s been awhile, but I’m bumping to see if anyone out there can do this.