metro 2033 models, know there here somewhere.

hey,iv seen a few of those Metro 2033 ranger models,like these on this page, these right here:

i was going to ask KingGrim hismelf, but i was told it was rude to point out models in ones scenes, anyone know where i can pick them up?

KingGrim uses the content from Avox Gaming for posing, it’s a Garry’s Mod roleplay. You can pick up the content on their site

Wonder where you heard that from. Regardless, it’s always better to do a Google search for content rather than asking the person where they got it.

Metro 2033 Ranger here. you’re gonna have to do a bit of file-diving to get it into ragdoll form, though.

Weapons pack here.

And a couple of vehicles and some destroyed buildings here. For scenebuilds.