Metro 2033 Models Needed

Alright, I’m requesting somebody that can either port over models or already has Metro 2033 models brought over. I mainly need Rangers, Stalkers, Communists, Nazis, Bandits, random citizens, and some weapons. I can offer a few dollars for each one. I’m putting together a Metro 2033 server, we already have a MASSIVE map underway, and we are about to switch to a new host. I would like to speak to you on steam before making the purchase, I believe you can search for Legionary74, my name is currently [PR]Hunter.

A lot of the content is already ported with Avox Gaming but I doubt they’d like you using their content in your own server, as with most RP servers.

I just found a few model packs, so I should be good on weapons, but I’ll try to contact them or wait around for a modeller here.