Metro 2033 ports

Some props from the game Metro 2033. The buildings will be more useful for mappers, though.

These are awesome, it’s about time someone ported more metro 2033 stuff.

We need more Metro 2033 and S.t.a.l.k.e.r. models! They are awesome!!! Keep going dude!

Been waiting for Metro 2033 stuff when I first saw the trailers, this is wonderful.
Thank you!

Woo, destroyed buildings! I’ve been hoping to find more of these! :smiley:

this is a scenebuilders delight

Oh my god this is awesome! I am glad someone finally did some ports. Now all we need are the mutants and Rangers!

Thank you for these I will try to make a scene build with these.

Apocalyptic buildings FUCK YES

Terminator-themed scenebuilds HERE I COME

I’ve been wanting the panzer and the armored jeep for ages.

Excellent work!