Metro 2033 Ranger

Another port, but now from Metro 2033 game.

Contains NPC model which has 4 bodygroups for helmet.
And Playermodels, 3 of them. With either helmets.

2 month of work, but finished.

Have fun!

Awesome. I was wondering where all these Metro models went.

Hopefully Last Light will be easier to port from!

Do they have working dynamic shadows? I can’t stand models without dynamic shadows.

Those do.

I fucking love you mate <3


You don’t understand how much i want to kiss you right now.

Oh my god thank you.

I never thought I’d see some Metro 2033 models. Now all we need are models of the mutants.

Neat. Metro 2033 has some great models.

YES! Thank you so so so so much!
Brilliant work right there


Is it possible to port the individual equipment/gear props? Just curious :slight_smile:
Damn awesome job! I love metro 2033 so much that this totaly made my day!

I don’t know how many times I have said this, but I’ve been waiting for Metro 2033 models ever since the first trailers of the game showed up.

Also I love you. So much.

Well. Sorry for my mistake about NPC spawn, I was really busy with my own and forgot to correct .lua file. Just need to fix path model. Check thread soon for an updates. Sorry again.

Great job, Ukraine’s glory still hasn’t perished.

I’m glad these finally got ported, but holy shit do these look rough. They don’t look smoothed at all and stuff like that.

Is it just me or there aren’t any images at all?

Heards loudly but thanks on it :D.

There is a little problem with smoothing. When I’m trying to smooth everything, the triangles goes black and light doesn’t make effect on it. I’ll try to fix it, if you really want to see it in a better quality.

Lag with maybe. Ohh, I’m really lazy to upload it into imageshack or something :C.

I love you for porting this!

Have my babies! You’re the best!! :smiley: