Metro 2033: Requesting port help |

Hello Facepunch members,

I’m here to request Metro 2033 Player models for our upcoming roleplay server witch will be runned by X-Hosters Community. We would be thankful to get any models out from the game but most important, the player models.
If you’re able to help us please add me on Steam(name: fox_tobias) or contact me at X-Hosters Forums.

Regards, Tokiz -

Is it really that hard to get some player models?


We’re now offering money though paypal.

No longer do they need a modeller, but an animator would be most preferred if someone wishes to help continuance the models I make, you would be highly valued, not only in the community but as a player in general.
Private message me if you’ve got the expertise to finish this job.

All that is required at the moment is a animator and someone able to assign models to skins.
I’ve designed the models, but don’t have time or the equal ability to set and animate the models.