Metro 2033 SWeps

Yeah, the guns from:

I think it would be really cool to see these, and not just slapping a skin on a CSS gun and calling it a SWep. I would like a whole port(If it’s possible, probably isnt, but worth asking anyway) with the actual weapon, sounds, arms and animations( Kinda like Zoey did with the MW2 SWeps and L4D2 SWeps. Though if it’s not possible, atleast try to put it on CSS arms, but with attempted Metro 2033 animations.)
Reference Pictures if necessary
The Bastard





I would, and many others would really, really appreciate this. If you decide to go trough with it, or let alone attempt it thanks alot!(I know there isn’t alot of incentive to do this, because there isnt any reward besides gratitude of me and other people(unless you actualy want these SWeps too))
Thanks reading this request

I like that idea ;D