Metro 2033 Textures

Not a work-in-progress anymore; it’s officially done.

I’ve been doing a lot of texturing lately, and I decided why not rip textures from Metro 2033? A lot of them are pretty well made, and I would love to see them being used in Source. So I started ripping them one by one by converting from 4A engine format to .dds to .png, create SSBumps (specular maps for some), and finally convert to Source format; one by one. It can be a huge pain, but a lot of them turned out better than I expected. I’ll group the below screenshots into categories. Now that they’re done, this pack consists of 297 textures.


Here’s what 297 of them look like in the texture browser:[/t]

And of course, here’s what they look like in-game:










I haven’t included some screenshots of tiles, snow, windows, and doors, but they are still definitely there.

Thanks to Phone-Booth and Firegod for some tips along the way, and Gmod4ever for making that pretty useful batch script that might have saved hours of conversions.

You don’t have to credit me or anything if you plan to use them on your map, as long as you publicly release it and use it for non-profiting purposes. If you feel the need to change things in the .vmt files, go ahead. 98% of the pack are best used at .125 x .125 scale.

I hope you guys enjoy these textures to your fullest extent.

Should be pretty useful, definately good quality. Good job man.

I would love you if you converted the city snowy textures. I’ve been meaning to make a snowy post apocalyptic map for ages.

holy fucking shit

How come you’re having to make specular/bump maps yourself? Do they not have their own?

Different engine, different formats.

Couldn;t you just swap round the channels. Stalker textures just had their channels jiggled up to port them was just a matter of moving them around.

I’ve ported stuff from Unreal and it had specular and normal, I assumed it was the same for most game engines.

I thought about doing that, but the problem is if I did that directly, it would look wrong in source.[/t]

The second picture is the original bump map of the texture above it. How do you match those two directly?

It’s just better if I made my own anyhow; it gives me more control.

good man

Did a few more metals.

I would love to get my hands on these! any chance of you setting up an svn or something?

Great stuff man, keep it up

Not sure if I want to set up an SVN because I’m constantly updating my textures, so it could be a hassle for people to keep updating and replacing.

But anyways, I’m 2/3 done with metal textures.

Ah okay, well cant wait for you to put out a pack, I would love to put them to use.

Last of the metals.

Probably gonna move onto wood now.

Why the hell are you ripping the textures by hand?

Use MagicDDS and a batch file to mass-convert them.

Here are the scripts I wrote to mass-convert all the textures. It’s built so it’ll convert the highest possible resolution (up to 2048x2048) for any texture, given how M2033 organizes them.

Sorry for Filedropper link, but Filesmelt isn’t responding and apparently you have to sign up to use Mediafire or Rapidshare now.

Just put all three files into the base folder you want to convert. Then run “massconvert.bat” and give it a few minutes. When it’s done, run “cleaner.bat”. Just make sure you keep magicdds.bak as a .bak, or else it won’t work.

And here are the two batch files that are used. The .bak is simply MagicDDS renamed.

@echo OFF
title Metro 2033 Mass Texture Converter

echo Initiating Texture Conversion

copy magicdds.bak magicdds.exe

for /r %%F in (.) do (
	copy "magicdds.exe" "%%F/magicdds.exe"
	Pushd %%F
	for %%i in (*.*) do (
		IF EXIST %%~ni.2048 (
			rem 2048 is the biggest. Convert that.
			magicdds -r %%~ni.2048
		) else IF EXIST %%~ni.1024 (
			rem 1024 is the biggest. Convert that.
			magicdds -r %%~ni.1024
		) else IF EXIST %%~ni.512 (
			rem 512 is the biggest. Convert that.
			magicdds -r %%~ni.512
		echo Converting %%i

echo Textures converted. Recommended to run cleaner.bat.


@echo OFF
title Metro 2033 Mass Texture Cleaner

echo Initiated cleanup.

for /r %%F in (.) do (
	Pushd %%F
	for %%i in (*.*) do (
		IF "%%~xi" == ".exe" (
			del %%i

echo Finished cleaning.


Just so no one is suspicious that they’re viruses or something.

Fucking thank you. I’ve been trying to look around for a batch file for this kind of stuff. You saved my life.

Looking really good. May be tempted to use these at some point.


Just finished with the wood.