Metro 2033 - The Dark Ones Return

Any thoughts/suggestions? First time I’ve touched up a scene with photoshop.

I worked pretty hard on most of the poses, which you can’t even really see due to the camera angle. I’m probably going to try to find other angles that don’t suck so much.

that’s some dull lighting

Well, that’s because it’s in the postapocalyptic Moscow Metro system.

I definitely have to change the camera angle…

It’s fairly empty. Lots of unused space on the ground and walls.

when you’re done crying your eyes out from the realization of how shitty that excuse was, take a look at this

that’s from M2033, and it’s in the postapocalyptic Moscow metro system. does it look dull? no it fucking doesn’t because the devs know how to create an atmosphere and you don’t.

first off, the colors in your picture are a desaturated mix of yellow, brown and grey. it literally has the colors of wet shit mixed with sperm. there is no contrast and everything is washed out. and that looks ugly. a more fitting mix would be maybe grey with slightbly blueish fog with red and white lamps. another big problem: all the lighting is coming roughly from the same direction so there’s nothing to bring out the details or light up the characters. you could have made use of that conveniently placed yellow floodlight by lighting the bandid-like dude up with a strong yellow lamp instead of going with the default fucking ugly Source lighting. throw some shadows in there! rimlighting! highlights! details! right now your picture is “ragdolls standing around while the Source engine does its job of making things look boring and butt-fuckingly ugly” while it could be “the darkness was an old friend of Anatoli’s, but even veterans like him would shiver when thinking about what lurked in the unmapped tunnels”

you know what this old scene of mine would be without dynamic lighting and fog, the two most important tools of creating a good atmosphere and turning Garry’s Mod into something fantastic?


also, like you said yourself, pic a better camera angle that leaves less wasted space. Rule of Thirds usually helps with that

Okay, but that was like the best worst excuse ever.

how do we define “the best worst excuse”?

is it like super bad or…?

I wasn’t trying to make excuses, but I agree. The whole scene pretty much blows. Thanks for the advice, though. (assuming you were even trying to give me advice.) I decided to ditch the entire scene altogether and start from scratch somewhere else. It probably wouldn’t have been so shitty if I would have put more effort into it. The main purpose of posting it here at all was to get some input on how to improve, and it has done just that.

i was trying to give advice, it’s just that it’s kinda hard to see through all the yelling and swearing

Well, here’s what I have so far on the current scene I’m working on.

this is what i’d consider a massive improvement. still some stuff to work on but much better than the previous one

Work on your angles.

the posing is p cool tho