Metro 2033

Saw someone ported the weapons, but I haven’t seen any ports of ammo packets, rangers, civilians, or mutants. Can anyone port and rig them?

Apparently porting the ragdolls is a bore, so pretty much no one has done it. Except for maver1k_XVII, who is now probably dead. And never shared the monster thingies.
There’s a little bit of gear here both from Metro and Stalker.

We need these guys ported!

I have the models if you got the rigging skills.

(If you wanna try to rig these guys, ill send you the model)

In the least, could someone port the mutants (including the Dark Ones) and ammo caches.

def want

Any chance anyone could port all the weapons as props?

i want someone to port the PKM shotgun, you get it in amoury station

Already done and released, unfortunately the thread has gone beyond the third page.

Please all means link to it

The ammo equipment would be werry werry useful! I wish someone could make them as props.

Congratulations, you revived a dead thread. Next time, make a new thread instead of bringing an abandoned one up.