Metro 2044 Roleplay

Well, this is gonna be the new Roleplay were using, Its perfect. A Apocalyptic Russia, anything can happen Am I right?

For those of you who don’t really know what Metro is about (Not including CO findus, he’s the man who gave me this idea) Here is a video showing Metro 2033 the game.

Now the title say’s Metro 2043 (Before you go on I changed my mind, its ten years later, not one), And its right. This takes place one year after the game, the ending where you actually destroy “the dark ones” and most of the people have came to the surface, looking for a better life. The surface has become habitable now. But still dangers lurk. The Nazism group and the Communism party still wage a desperate battle to control the surface. But many have not gotten involved. Most have went there own path. Mystery still wait’s for the survivors. But that mystery, shouldn’t be the only thing there worry about. In this rp there is every faction that the game had, nazis, Communist, bandits and so on wich are all playable factions.

We will be useing Kuroscript and the server will be up soon but come and sign up on our forms.

Any new ideas are welcome


still a work in progress on the forum and will be changed withthin a period of time, not sure when yet, but hopfully soon

I like.

FFS, now I have to go buy this game. :*(


What gamemode?


Sounds awesome to me, what map?

Map is probably going to be rp_destroyedcity_final

The server will be up soon.

You know… only Stalkers can go up onto the surface, seeing as it’s so highly irradiated.

(But then again i only read the book the game was based off of)

Oh, and in the book they predicted it would take many more years for the surface to become habitable (And even then, there are a shitload of other “fun” creatures on the surface.)

Oh, and we beat you to it brofist.

In the Game, The nazis set up a outpost on the surface and why can’t there be two rps?

Nice, but isn’t it small?

I just realized I really need to buy this game

It’s not so small, but it’s pretty linear. There is no much different areas, most of them are the same looking area.

Itd big enough for what we want to so far, seeing at the moment there is a alot of focos on the street battles with the commies and the nazis

I see, well it seems good. It’d be a good starter map for a starter server.

Im the Creator of the Metro, And, This guy who said they have one up, he is using a Free forum, we have a Real one, and we have Alot of Dedicated members, the forum is at the top, (the link) And You guys may be more cannon, but if “EVERYTHING” followed cannon, then it wouldn’t be any fun. We are using Kuro’s HL2 script, and modifying it, but until This Fix for Gmod where you cannot create Characters, the Metro is on a hold. So Sign up on our site, and Pm me for question’s on steam. add suicidalhazmat666 And ill be happy to answer your question’s or concern’s.

Oh and the map, There is a gm_metro, but its a Subway place that isent really good for RP, so if you can find a good map, just pm me the link in Steam.

Thank you for your time.

The new nexus? As in you bought HL2RP, or the old old Kuroscript.

Yes, HL2RP, we will just edit it for our purposes.

Oh, so you bought it, I see. Should be interesting, although I don’t know why you bought the Half-Life 2 Schema when you could’ve used Novus Two, or made your own, which would’ve fit it alot better… But I’m not going to judge you, hah.

This should be really cool.