Metro Cops at the coffee shop

My first serious attempt at a scene with posing. Sorry my finger poser was kinda odd today so the cup holding isn’t good. The first screen is my favorite, but the second makes the metrocop look kinda faggy. which one do you like?

“So, anything weird happened today? Like, what happened to your helmet?”
“I was chillin’ in the middle of my shift, and then some guy with glasses and a goatee runs towards me and starts bashing my head with a crowbar til’ i pass out!”
“Hmm, cool”

Also, Metrocop #1 is a guitarist. Hence the guitar.
The cups are Shiban’s Combine Coffee


Bump. Also anyone knows how to embed youtube here?

Bad posing, crap map, horrible lighting, and terrible graphics.

It doesn’t even look like a coffee shop.

You embed youtube with media tags.

Thanks man!

Troll picture? It’s pretty bad. Is that 06 construct…?

Not a troll pic, yes it is construct, and its my first posing… the best i could do!

why is there two bullet holes on the CP’s mask?

I have a feeling this was inspired by the Machinima ‘Civil Protection’. But it could just be a coincidence.

Anyway, on to the screenshot. Well, the posing is pretty crappy, and the lighting is terrible. For that matter, so is the map - it looks nothing like a coffee shop. Still, it made me chuckle, and I’ve seen much, MUCH worse before. So, while you have much to improve on, it’s decent for a first picture.

They`re supposed to be the markings from the crowbar hits. did you read?



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Thanks Sarge! Need a dispenser?