Metro cops make a final stand behind a overturned wooden table. +Bonus.


Pose by TheSpike and Propane. Edited by TheSpike.

it is very good

i like this because it is very emotional and i can see you put alot of weork in 4.9/5 because it could do with more bloom and filters in photoshop

Looks cool.

And who is Pawnstick?

a person who is better than you in every way

The second one doesn’t make sense to me. I like the first.

this touching story told via pictures really made me feel for the average metro cop and the trouble he goes through everyday


A wooden table wouldn’t really protect you from bullets, now would it? :v:

Inferno! :v:

Lol the CP in the background looks like he’s doing one of those old-timey, overly long and draw-out, Western-style deaths.