Metro Infection.

:slight_smile: enjoy

Digging the shells! My only problem is that the the Muzzleflash is so big I can’t see the guy behind it, and there’s some clipping on the Gun Operator.

But other than that, it’s great!

guy in the bottom left hand corner

“Give me back my gun ass hole.”

Never tell your password to anyone.

it’s nice… like those eyes

also, motion blur on shells would be nice

Very good scenebuild, posing, and atmosphere, is really well executed dude.

Looks great. Lots of little details that really bring the picture together.

Also, have those Hazmat Soldiers been released yet? I didn’t see anything in the models section.

How the fuck did hospital patient get down here?

Because ZOMBIES, man, ZOMBIES.

On the other hand, artistic for you, I like this picture.

Can we have a link to those hazmat models? beacuse i don’t think there from left 4 dead.

This is very good the lightning is perfect and the camera angle is 5* congratulations :v:

Need… Black ops American hazmat models…

why is that guy runnning into the zombies?!