Metro: Last Light - Arachnid

Metro: L.L. - Arachnid v1.1

Extracted, rigged and ported successfully

• Bodygroup for Fur
• 12 different Sizes
• 32 Joints for max posing
• Fingerposer for Tail-Claw and Jaw

New in Version 1.1

• added 1 extra Skin with 3 different glossy effects each
• added 1 extra Size (Godzilla Size)
• added extra material settings for the Teeth
• added 3 Arachnid Egg variants with 12 different Sizes each
• fixed phys.model for the Tiny and Mini variant

BG = Bodygroup
SG = Skingroup
FP = Fingerposer Features

If a Model has got:
in the filename, then you should check the Bodygroup Tool and the Fingerposer for extra stuff

Original Model by 4A Games




Oh my god these things scared me…



cool. How did you get the fur? Is it just a simple normal map or something?

the fur is made out of lots and lots of polygons.
rigging the fur to the body was a a bit time consuming.
but with a few rigging techniques it worked out well.

That looks freakin’ disgusting…

So I guess you did a great job.

very very good work, by chance do you think you could do the shrimp or the crab like creatures next?

the aqua monsters probably won’t be the next ports but are also on my to do list.
rigging these freaks is so much fun :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no workshop link in the OP so I’m assuming this guy isn’t you.

WTF is this!? he uploaded half of my ports without asking for permission?

Are you going to be doing the character models anytime soon? This is great work, these things scared the hell out of me.

Sadly there are enough people like him there. He got several snagged models. Good guess he has no skill on his own and prefer to shine in other peoples hard work.
He won’t be able to help if problems occur with the models.

But the most important part and this should not be a brainer. When you put in all the effort, you really want to upload it your self and not have it snagged by some witless kid.
But all communities have leeches like him. Merle Dixon is another. He steal models and blocks people who reacts. He stole from DE. A certified little runt.

Added Version 1.1


Cool model - I so hated those bastards in the game. Freaked out a little bit when I realised all the little guys n the webs were baby versions of them.

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Oh lol, the guy actually uploaded some stuff from me.